Plantar Fasciitis...

Have you ever felt pain along the inside heel of your foot?

A throbbing searing or piercing pain that is just on the heel of your foot without any tingling or radiation?

Plantar Fasciitis...
With the correct conservative management, the vast majority cases of plantar fasciitis resolve within a few months
Plantar Fasciitis...
Don’t delay…the longer you experience plantar fasciitis pain or delay seeking treatment, the less likely you will improve from conservative treatment…
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Communications with Referring Physicians

Referring and primary care doctors are an essential part of our Plantar Fasciitis care team. We want to assure you that we highly value, and are fully committed to:

  • Full communication with all of our patients health care practitioners;
  • Highest quality of care;
  • Honesty and respectful relationships with our patients;
  • Gentle touch and concern for safety on all interventional procedures.
Please print out and fax this consult form to (774) 421-9244. Dr. Pearl will be in touch with you about your patient.

Self Referral

Patients may self refer, however, all patients are required to be under the care of a primary care physician and we may need to obtain medical records as part of our full evaluation to determine what treatment options have been attempted and what we can offer you. If your insurance requires you to have a referral, you must also obtain an appropriate referral from your primary care physician prior to being seen at Complete Pain Care. To make an appointment, please call (774) 421-9144
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