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Do you really have Plantar Fasciitis? You could have Baxter’s Entrapment…
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Plantar Fasciitis Treatments

Our Approach

Our goal is to get you back on track as fast as possible. So, we dedicate ourselves to the treatment of your Plantar Fasciitis with the most appropriate and non-surgical Plantar Fasciitis treatments. We believe we are the only center with such a wide-ranging offer of conservative and non-surgical Plantar Fasciitis treatments. We will only recommend surgery when all non-surgical treatment approaches have been exhausted.

One of the most important issues with Plantar Fasciitis treatment is to exclude Baxter’s Entrapment. It can appear just like Plantar Fasciitis. In fact, it can be clinically impossible to tell them apart. Ultraound guided diagnostic injection or MRI is the only way to tell them apart. Besides, the treatment of Baxter’s Entrapment is completely different from the treatment of Plantar Fasciitis. Baxter’s Entrapment should be treated by an ultrasound guided ablatio procedure.

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We are committed to listening to you, our patients, evaluating and diagnosing your pain, as well as assessing your function and all aspects of your life affected by pain. We work closely you, as well as your physicians and allied health care providers to develop a complete, multidisciplinary treatment plan that will quickly improve your quality of life and help you return to the person you used to be.

We specialize in the non-surgical treatment of Plantar Fasciitis

Good News
The good news is that with the correct conservative treatment, the vast majority cases of plantar fasciitis resolve within a few months.

Bad News
The bad news is that, the longer you delay treatment, the less likely you will improve from conservative treatment.

Tailored Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Unique to Your Medical History.

Our interventions are adapted to your needs. If you play a sport or spend a great amount of time on your feet, a more aggressive approach may be needed to attain pain relief as quickly as possible. Your other clinical diagnoses, such as rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes, for example, will also be considered when devising a treatment approach.

When you visit your physicians at the Center for Morton’s Neuroma, it is essential that you tell them about any diagnostic tests you have had or any treatments you have tried. If you have changed your footwear or if you have visited a physical therapist, for example, it is important to share that information with your practitioner so that your physician is able to recommend you the most appropriate treatment.

We will devise a complete treatment strategy to best treat your Plantar Fasciitis. We’ll choose an adequate combination of state-of-the-art interventions, medications, and physical therapy. If necessary, and as a very last resort, we will recommend surgery if it is necessary to successfully treat you.

We will develop a complete treatment plan to best treat your Plantar Fasciitis. We’ll select from an appropriate combination of state-of-the-art techniques, medications, physical therapy and if necessary, as a very last resort, surgery to achieve success.

We are the only center (that we aware of) to offer such a wide variety of treatments for Plantar Fasciitis. This allows us to devise the most adequate treatment for you. We thoughtfully take into account all your previous treatments as well as your specific needs. We consider all our options to create the tailored treatment plan that best suits you.

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